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A quick set of tips, things you should and should not do while creating a tulpa.

Remember that methods are ultimately subjective and if you find something doesn't fit with how you're making progress, don't worry about it. That being said most of this advice is about as universal as it can be.


  • Don't fear parroting, early responses will feel like they're you, but they will grow more distinct with time. This does NOT mean you should actively parrot your Tulpa, as this can and probably will lead to issues.
  • Don't count hours spent on this. It's just a burden and feeds into expectations of how long it "should" take.
  • Don't worry that you might make a servitor or hologram, this can easily turn into a tulpa.
  • Don't be surprised if your tulpa starts moving on their own very soon.
  • Don't treat your tulpa like a doll and carry them around in the wonderland. It's better to parrot a little movement than to reinforce the appearance of non-sentience.
  • Don't expect voice out of nowhere. This may happen, but it may also take a long time of listening to quiet little thoughts from them first.
  • Don't worry – worrying and doubting only hinders things.
  • Don’t worry about forcing before bed.