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This page is an informal list of questions frequently asked by individuals unfamiliar with the nature of tulpamancy.

Basic questions[]

What is a tulpa?[]

Main article: Tulpa

A tulpa is a perceived autonomous sentient consciousness. In layman's terms, a mental construct capable of thought independent of its creator.

What is a host?[]

Main article: Host

A host is most commonly a person who creates a tulpa, but the term may also refer to the consciousness in primary control of the body.

How does it work?[]

Main article: Tulpamancy

The act of creating a tulpa, and other related practices, are psychological phenomena that can be related other mnemonic devices.

Can a tulpa affect physical objects?[]

Main articles: Possession and Switching

No, aside from taking control over the host's body (through possession or switching), tulpas have never been demonstrated to be able to affect objects in the real world.

If tulpas cannot affect physical objects, how come I see them writing messages on IRC channels/forums?[]

A host can allow their tulpa to communicate on the Internet either by proxying (the host typing under the tulpa's dictation), or possession (the tulpa taking over the host's hands and moving them to type.)

Why do people make tulpas?[]

There are many applications for tulpas, from mnemonic and self-improvement reasons, to companionship. Some reasons are commonly viewed as more harmful than others.

How do I create/visualise/impose a tulpa?[]

Main article: Tulpa creation process

There are many different approaches to tulpa creation, and there currently exists no consensus on which methodology is best. For more on the subject, refer to the guides.

Additional Questions[]

Do tulpas or tulpamancy have anything to do with schizophrenia?[]

No, schizophrenia is a disorder characterized by disorganised thoughts. A person suffering from schizophrenia may hallucinate and perceive people and objects that do not actually exist, as a symptom of their disorganized thoughts. Tulpamancy has never been demonstrated to cause disorganised thoughts or other symptoms of schizophrenia, in healthy individuals. Here is a good example as to what happens when you have schizophrenia.

Do tulpas or tulpamancy have anything to do with the paranormal?[]

Main article: Tulpamancy and the paranormal

No, the common consensus is that there is no reason to assume any aspect of tulpamancy falls outside the realm of science. Some believe otherwise, but no evidence for paranormal phenomena has of yet been produced.

Then why call it "tulpamancy"?[]

Main article: Tulpamancy

Tulpamancy is simply a popularized colloquial term which is used as an umbrella term for all practices related to the creation of tulpas.