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Guides are user-written pages intended to teach readers about how to go about certain practises within tulpamancy and other fields of mental training. Guides are subjective in nature, and should not be confused with encyclopaedic pages on this wiki. Guides can be identified by the Guide template, and categories that may contain guides are identified by the GuideCat template, at the top of their respective pages.

If you are porting a guide from some other website,




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You apply these by highlighting a piece of text, and selecting "Heading 2/3/4/5" or "Code / preformatted" from the drop-down box that says "Normal text", at the top of the graphical page editor. If you do not use proper wiki-style headings, the contents box at the top of the page will not appear!

Defining guides

If you are writing a page, and you are unsure about whether a page is a guide or not, consider the following questions:

  • Does the page provide instructions to the reader for how to do something?
  • Does the page aim to teach techniques to the reader, rather than informing them about the existence of those techniques?
  • Does the page contain personal anecdotes, experiences or opinions?
  • Is the page written like a personal account of experience, rather than an encyclopaedic article?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the page is a guide. Due to the subjective nature of guides, they do not have to live up to any standards of scrutiny or review; this is why the inclusion of the Guide template is so important. The content of guides is entirely the responsibility of their respective authors.

Guide categorisation

User-written guides posted under Category:Guides, should be categorised according to their content. Category:Guides contains several sub-categories relating to special fields within tulpamancy (Imposition, vocality, visualisation, etc.), in order to make it easier for readers to find guides relevant to their interests.

When creating a guide, it should be added to Category:Guides, as well as all the relevant subcategories! For instance, a guide covering tulpa creation, vocality and visualisation, should be added to Category:Guides, Category:Tulpa creation, Category:Vocality, and Category:Visualisation.

Guides should never be included in Category:Tulpamancy, or any other category outside of Category:Guides, as Category:Guides is intended to separate the encyclopaedic pages from the guides pages.