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A mental construct, thought-form, or thoughtform is essentially any mental entity regardless of sentience, sapience, or autonomy. Basically anything that takes a form within the mind of an individual such as picturing an apple would be considered a thoughtform. As such, the entities listed below fall under the umbrella of being a thoughtform:

  • Imaginary friends
  • Daemons
  • Wonderlands/mindscapes
  • Tulpas
  • Any type of systemmate/headmate
  • Servitors
  • Any mental stimuli such as mental images or sensations

It must be noted that though all these entities fall under the mental construct umbrella, they are not completely synonymous, as thoughtform/mental construct is a vastly broad term. All tulpas are thoughtforms, but not all thoughtforms are tulpas. Therefore, calling a tulpa a thoughtform specifically would be inaccurate.


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A tulpa is a perceived autonomous conscious sentience, and is commonly viewed as the most advanced and complex form of mental construct. Some argue that tulpas do not belong on the same scale as other thought-forms, due to their nature as being perceived sentient, sapient, conscious and independent from their host.


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A servitor is a mental construct that serves a purpose. A tulpa-like entity with seemingly no willpower, volition or sentience of its own; a mental puppet that may seem to act independently but acts only as a servant to its host.


Thought-form is an umbrella term synonymous with mental construct, and can encompass any imagined stimuli. The act of creating a mental construct is commonly referred to as forcing. A manifestation of consciousness of an individual or collective.


Main article: Wonderland

A wonderland is a self-persistent imagined location. A mental environment created in the host's mind where the host and tulpa can interact visually, without the need for imposition. Synonymous with mindscape.