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This page is a guide

The contents of this page are not encyclopaedic in nature! Guides may contain opinions and unverifiable subjective accounts of their authors. Information found in a guide can be biased, incorrect, or not representative of scientific or community census. The subjective nature of guides enables them to provide valuable insight about the subjective experience of, and practical application of mental constructs and mental training. Editing of other users' guides is discouraged, unless explicit permission is given by the author.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

The guide template should be prefixed to all guides published on this wiki. It is included by adding


to the top of any published page. The guide template is intended to provide a clear visual indication to the reader that the page they're reading is a guide, and not an encyclopaedic article.

Defining guides

If you are unsure about whether a page is a guide or not, consider the following questions:

  • Does the page provide instructions to the reader for how to do something?
  • Does the page aim to teach techniques to the reader, rather than informing them about the existence of those techniques?
  • Does the page contain personal anecdotes, experiences or opinions?
  • Is the page written like a personal account of experience, rather than an encyclopaedic article?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the page is a guide. Due to the subjective nature of guides, they do not have to live up to any standards of accuracy or review; the content of guides is entirely the responsibility of their respective authors.

Aside from technical editing like fixing incorrect categorisation or adding missing headers, editing of other users' guides is discouraged, unless explicit permission is given by the author.

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