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This wiki is intended to outline the modern tulpa phenomenon in an encyclopedic and factual manner, that is easy to grasp for host and non-host alike. On these pages, you'll find information about what a tulpa is, how the phenomenon can be used, what practices are involved, and much more! We aim to become a resource for encyclopedic information about the tulpa phenomenon, and thus providing a portal for research into the subject, as well as a go-to resource for the starting tulpamancer.

At the moment, this wiki is undergoing some serious construction work - many pages are still unfinished or lacking in content! Want to help out? Check out the editing guidelines and the guide posting guidelines, and get started! Direct any questions to User:FF_CCSa1F. Happy editing!

What is a tulpa?
(Excerpt from the tulpa page summary)
"A tulpa, in the sense used by modern practitioners of the art, is a mental construct designed to appear as an autonomous, sentient entity to the practitioner. Well-developed tulpas are often reported to be able to appear to their creators (commonly referred to as hosts) as separate "people" or conscious entities living within their brains, capable of independent thoughts, actions, memories and feelings."
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