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The tulpa community is an umbrella term covering any community based around the discussion of tulpas. This may include Internet forums, imageboards, IRC chat rooms, VOIP servers, etc. Due to the young age of the modern, scientific interpretation of the tulpa phenomenon, and the lack of published scientific research in the subject, the tulpa community is currently a vital tool for acquiring statistics and information about the nature of tulpas.

Internet forums[]

There exist has several Internet forums dedicated to the discussion of tulpas, and related topics. The largest dedicated website at the time of writing, being the Tulpa.info forums, with over 6,000 registered members and 100,000 posts. The Reddit-based community /r/ Tulpas has a similar number of subscribers. The Tulpa Network forum is a smaller site, created as a more strictly scientific area for discussion of the subject.

Image boards[]

Image boards are an important part of the modern tulpa community, as the 4chan /x/ board is where the  modern community first began, prior to any dedicated forums appearing on the Internet. Threads about tulpas occasionally still appear on 4chan's /x/ and /mlp/ boards. The My Little Pony focused image board MLPchan.net has served as a hub for people who share common interests in tulpas and My Little Pony.


The tulpa community has a significant part of its members in IRC chat rooms.  One of the most populous is the Tulpa IRC server (irc.tulpa.im).  There are other tulpa channels on other IRC servers, such as Rizon (irc.rizon.net). Note that this list is not comprehensive.

List of Tulpa Channels (Rizon)[]

  1. tulpa
  2. tuppers
  3. tumblrtulpa
  4. tulpa_gore
  5. tulpa.info
  6. tulpa.support
  7. Tulpa.sex
  8. redditulpas
  9. tulpa.programming
  10. tulpachat
  11. tulpa_ot
  12. TulpaMagick
  13. tulpa.hugs
  14. tulpa-forum


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